About us: The Refugee Council Baden-Wuerttemberg (BW) 

Who We Are 

The Refugee Council BW is a human rights organization serving refugees in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Founded in 1988, our mission revolves around supporting and empowering refugees while advocating for more humane refugee policies primarily at the state and additionally at the federal level. Headquartered in Stuttgart, we act as the state’s only independent and supra-regional network of local initiatives that work directly with and for refugees.

As a registered association, we are proud to have a dedicated team of full-time staff, supported by a network of over 800 members and a volunteer board of spokespersons. 

What We Do

The core of our work is providing meaningful information on Baden-Wuerttemberg’s legal, social, and political landscape within the realm of migration. We primarily 

In addition, we strategically engage in public relations and lobbying to advocate for improvements in the asylum protection system and migration policy. Our ultimate aim is to create a positive impact on the lives of refugees.

How to Reach Us

We are here to assist you. If you reside in Baden-Wuerttemberg and have questions or require support on any of the above matters, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide legal advice over the phone and via e-mail. 

Helpline Hours


Additional information

On the website Welcome2BW (last update: 2020) you can find additional information for refugees in Baden-Wuerttemberg in several different languages.